Syncopated Engineering

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About Us

Syncopated Engineering is a creative solution provider of software applications and embedded systems for wireless communications, signal processing, and machine learning, including custom products and solutions for cognitive radio and fog analytic acceleration.

Our CIELO™ family of Software Defined Radio (SDR) products enables intelligent wireless applications capable of exploiting multiple “radio personalities” with the same radio platform.  The CIELO™ SDR product family includes portable and hand-held tactical systems and server/workstation based products.   Our open platform architecture and common software API enables wireless software engineers to seamlessly deploy their application across various mission scenarios, platforms, and form-factors. Products are integrated with GNU-Radio and REDHAWK, and provide support for VITA-49.  Our Cognitive Radio systems and applications include our frequency-agile wireless Ethernet bridge, wideband direction finding processor, and JAUS/JCAUS compliant wireless remote control for unmanned systems providing complete spectral situational awareness and robust, anti-jam wireless communications for cyberspace operations. 

Our ALEGRE™ hardware acceleration product family is a portfolio of fog computing and analytic acceleration products that leverage heterogeneous computing architectures including FPGAs and GPUs to provide high performance analytics at the edge of the network.  Customers get answers as the data is collected not hours later after the data is transported to the cloud. Our fog analytic solutions work seamlessly with enterprise cloud solutions, enabling both global information awareness and distributed local optimization. Privacy and Security concerns are addressed by executing real-time, on premise analytics on our Fog Analytic nodes, with anonymized analytic results and summary statistics executed in the cloud.  Use cases include real-time fog analytics for IoT, wireless security, distributed anomaly detection, biometric and cyber data triage analytics. 

Our products provide a flexible platform for engineers to use as a foundation for your system and application development efforts. Our solutions enable you to start further down the development path, reducing time-to-market and allowing you to focus on your innovative solution. Unlike many large vendors, customization of our products to your specific needs is embraced not discouraged.

Syncopation is a creative disturbance of the regular rhythmic flow that accents the offbeat. 

“Embrace the Offbeat”™ with Syncopated Engineering.

Product Information

Our CIELO™ family of cognitive radio products enables intelligent wireless applications capable of exploiting multiple “radio personalities” with the same radio platform. Our DF-A2 Wideband Direction Finding (DF) Processor when integrated with an Adcock DF antenna (manpack or vehicle) is capable of accurate Line of Bearing estimates (< 5 ° RMS) for all signals in a wide collection bandwidth. The DF processor also provides RF signal chain calibration, antenna control, and GPS processing.