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    About Us

    For over 70 years, Photonis has engineered cutting-edge SIGINT solutions, products and components for electronic warfare, communications and radar systems deployed to the US Military, NATO and NATO aligned countries, as well as commercial programs. Photonis specializes in microwave, millimeter, and radio frequency (RF) components and sub-systems installed on the military’s most widely deployed platforms. Photonis provides superior RF amplification across a wide range of frequencies to deliver versatile and highly reliable solutions for specific bandwidth frequencies or broadband multi-octave requirements.

    We have lead product innovations for defense communications, warning systems, and electronic countermeasures. Our products enable the world’s most powerful and sophisticated radars, electronic warfare jammers, missile systems and weapon system simulators as well as military and commercial satellite data programs, from program design and prototyping to first article test, IDIQ deliveries, and repair or refurbish maintenance.

    Electronic Warfare

    With over seven decades of experience in evasion, countermeasure and simulation products, Photonis remains the #1 name in reliable electronic warfare solutions. Our products are installed across a wide range of platforms, to support a breadth of countermeasure technologies including signal jamming, towed and expendable decoys and evasive maneuver training simulators. Counter every enemy threat with the proven technology of Photonis’ high-powered RF amplifiers and signal simulators.


    Our extensive expertise in naturally hardened, ruggedized solutions bring flight-tested reliability to radar applications. Our high power with broad bandwidth products are offered in both standard and miniature configurations that seamlessly integrate with solid-state devices. We also offer prototyping and can manufacture both large and small quantity radar solutions including missile detection and communications, to fit any program need. With Photonis solutions for radar, you will be the first to identify mission-critical activities.


    Clear, highly reliable defense and commercial communications networks are critical to efficient information transfer. Our traveling wave tube products support a wide range of frequency and power requirements from narrowband to broadband. Whether your need is probes or satellites, Photonis’ communications products provide high volume data flow with high linearity and low harmonics to be sure you will be the first to clearly hear vital information.

    Photonis engineers, designs and manufactures weapon system simulators, radar and signal jammers, electronic countermeasures, towed or expendable decoys and target augmentation and deflection. Our experienced engineering staff can efficiently design and deploy a reliable, serviceable custom system that meets the exact requirements of a specific program. Photonis Defense also provides a full range of professional engineering services, from design and development of custom solutions, to system engineering, integration and support. Repair and refurbishment programs are also available.

    Traveling Wave Tubes (TWTs)

    Photonis Defense and its predecessors have been designing and manufacturing Traveling Wave Tubes (TWTs) since their invention in the early 1940’s. Photonis manufactures helix-type tubes that are constructed using the industry standard of metal-ceramic. Our tubes are conduction cooled and feature rare earth periodic permanent magnets for power-free focusing. Photonis offers Continuous Wave (CW) TWTs, Pulsed TWTs, MM Wave TWTs, and Miniature Traveling Wave Tubes. Typically, our TWT’s are used for electronic countermeasures, radar applications, airborne military platforms, rack mount amplifiers, communications, and SatCom. More Info(https://www.photonis.com/product/traveling-wave-tubes)

    Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers (TWTAs)

    A Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier combines two innovative technologies – a specialized solid-state high-voltage power supply with a lightweight, reliable Traveling Wave Tube for a powerful plug-and-play solution with built-in-test functionality. TWTAs provide PRF synchronization and protection features across a wide range of power sources, providing the highest output to support SWaP considerations. TWT Amplifiers (TWTAs) present fewer heat-related failures than most solid-state solutions, as they do not require additional cooling and dissipation systems. The result is a longer life span, fewer field-failures, fewer spares requirements and a lower overall weight for the power generated. More Info (https://www.photonis.com/product/traveling-wave-tube-amplifiers)

    Microwave Power Modules (MPMs)

    Photonis offers Microwave Power Modules (MPMs) to meet the power, bandwidth, and spectral purity requirements of many state-of-the-art microwave systems. MPMs integrate a solid-state high voltage power supply (HVPS) and a mini or micro TWT into a compact, lightweight unit that typically generates over 200 Watts of wide-band microwave amplification for portable sea, land or air applications. Other designs can be integrated to support specific linearity requirements. The low noise performance of the solid-state MMIC combined with the high efficiency TWT creates an extremely compact and efficient amplifier. The low SWaP MPM is ideally suited to airborne applications where volume, weight and prime power are at a premium. Our MPMs are typically used for electronic countermeasures, point-to-point and SatCom data links, and as compact laboratory amplifiers. More Info (https://www.photonis.com/product/microwave-power-modules)

    Product Information

    Microwave Power Modules integrate a solid-state high-voltage power supply and a mini or micro TWT into a compact, lightweight unit that typically generates up to 400W of wide band microwave amplification for portable, sea, land or air applications. In 2018 Photonis launched a 200W MPM with low-band 2-8GHz or high-band 6-18GHz with lower noise, greater efficiency and lower power consumption extremely compact, reliable and efficient amplifier. Other solid state designs are available
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