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    About Us

    Signal Hound – located in Battle Ground, Washington, USA – designs and builds powerful, affordable spectrum analyzers and signal generators for engineers and RF professionals worldwide. Signal Hound products are designed to deliver detailed measurements that are accurate and powerful enough for mission-critical RF analysis, but at a fraction of the cost of typical high-end test equipment.

    In business since 1996 and selling its own line of test equipment since 2010, Signal Hound has built the foundation of its company on years of test equipment repair, service, hardware and software development, and manufacturing experience.

    With today’s test equipment ranging from a few hundred dollars for low-end devices to over six figures for high-end products, Signal Hound delivers unrivaled value and performance with prices closer to the low end.

    SA- and BB-series Spectrum Analyzers:
    Signal Hound’s USB-powered SA- and BB-series spectrum analyzers are small enough to fit in your jacket pocket, while offering high-quality, accurate RF analysis up to 12.4 GHz.

    • The USB-SA124B is a 12.4 GHz Software Defined Radio (SDR) optimized as a spectrum analyzer.
    • The USB-SA44B is a Software Defined Receiver (SDR) optimized as a narrow-band real-time RF spectrum analyzer. It is compact, simple to use, and an effective troubleshooting tool for general lab use, engineering students, ham radio enthusiasts, and electronics hobbyists.
    • SA-series analyzer prices start at just over $1,000.
    • The BB60C offers fast, real-time spectrum analysis up to 6GHz. It is a 9 kHz to 6 GHz Spectrum Analyzer and RF Recorder with an instantaneous bandwidth of 27 MHz, and sweep speeds of 24 GHz/sec.
    • BB60C prices start at just over $3,000.


    Keeping product costs on the low end makes it possible to outfit a distributed fleet with RF analysis devices capable of delivering mission-critical data without going over budget.

    SM-series Spectrum Analyzers:
    For organizations needing a powerful and compact spectrum analyzer at higher frequencies, the new SM-series of analyzers offer RF analysis up to 20 GHz.

    • The SM200B is a high-performance 20 GHz spectrum analyzer and monitoring receiver with 110 dB of dynamic range and 1THz/sec sweep speeds. It offers 160 MHz instantaneous bandwidth (IBW) calibrated I/Q capture, available through block transfer of a 2-second I/Q buffer over USB 3.0 to the PC.
    • The SM200B comes with a signed calibration certificate and a printed packet of calibration data.
    • SM200B prices start around $13,000.
    • The SM200C delivers the same performance, but it is connected to the PC via a 10GbE SFP+ port. The 10GbE connection enables fast, long-distance communication between the analyzer and the PC, making it a perfect candidate for remote monitoring applications and automated test situations.
    • The SM200C comes with a signed calibration certificate and a printed packet of calibration data.
    • SM200C prices start at $16,000.  

    Though slightly bigger than Signal Hound’s smaller USB-powered devices, the SM200B and SM200C are still small enough to fit in a backpack, remote enclosure, or in a tight corner on a crowded test bench.

    Spike™ Spectrum Analysis Software:
    All Signal Hound spectrum analyzers include Spike™, Signal Hound’s spectrum analysis software.

    Spike offers a comprehensive signal visualization environment with powerful RF analysis features. Each Signal Hound analyzer includes an open and configurable API allowing for custom application development, plus lifetime support from a talented and dedicated group of engineers.

    USB-Powered Signal Generators:
    Signal Hound also offers a line of USB-powered signal generators for creating a complete RF test environment – the 2.5 GHz VSG25A and the new 6 GHz VSG60A.

    • The VSG25A is a 100 MHz to 2.5 GHz vector signal generator, featuring a 12-bit I/Q baseband arbitrary waveform generator which can be clocked at virtually any frequency from 54 kHz to 180 MHz, and includes a 4096×16-bit pattern buffer for built-in or custom modulation.
    • VSG25A prices start around $500.
    • The VSG60A is a 6 GHz vector signal generator with 40 MHz of real-time streaming bandwidth. It offers the performance and agility of a serious vector signal generator at a fraction of the cost. It is compact, simple to use, and can generate virtually any type of signal. It is capable of generating and streaming a large variety of RF waveforms including WLAN, Bluetooth, and QAM, and includes impairments for real-world simulation.
    • VSG60A prices start around $2,500.

    Like Signal Hound’s spectrum analyzers, the signal generators ship with signal generation software and include an API for custom programming.

    Signal Hound strives to maintain ample product quantities in stock resulting in little-to-no lead time, with purchase options including the GSA, distributor, or manufacturer-direct via the Signal Hound website or sales department.

    Signal Hound is a small company with big goals – and an even bigger commitment to providing customers with an outstanding experience. All Signal Hound products are proudly designed and built in the USA.

    Product Information

    The SM200C is a high-performance spectrum analyzer & monitoring receiver with a 10 Gigabit Ethernet SFP+ port for fast, long-distance communication with a PC using an optic cable. Tuning from 100 kHz to 20 GHz, the analyzer has 160 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth (IBW), 110 dB of dynamic range, 1 THz/sec sweep speed at 30 kHz RBW, and phase noise performance that is low enough to contribute less than 0.1% error to EVM measurements and rival even the most expensive spectrum analyzers on the market
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