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    About Us

    Deployable technology to detect, identify and geolocate signals in complex RF environments

    At CRFS, we design, build, program and deploy systems and solutions for RF spectrum monitoring, management and geolocation. We serve both defense and homeland security customers as well as the civilian regulatory market.

    CRFS is a leading provider of sophisticated wireless Radio Frequency (“RF”) electronic defense and spectrum management solutions that enable real-time monitoring, analysis and geolocation of signals of interest in a range of complex spectrum environments, as well as systems for massive data collection and classification of signals. 

    CRFS’s proprietary RF and spectrum management systems, known as RFeye®, are used by militaries, government agencies, regulatory bodies and commercial companies around the world to detect, manage and geolocate emitters in the Electromagnetic (“EM”) environment. 

    CRFS Solutions deliver manual and autonomous coverage - 24/7 - across the following application areas:

    • Air Defense – wide area and regional
    • Drone Defense and cUAS tracking
    • Spectrum monitoring & Spectrum Management
    • EMCON validation and reporting
    • Real-time Spectrum Operations
    • Border Monitoring & Border Security
    • Technical Security Counter-measures – IPMS TSCM
    •  Counter Surveillance
    • Intelligence
    • Direction finding and geolocation

    CRFS started out with a vision that the world would increasingly need systems and tools that were:

    • Easily and cost effectively deployed for remote autonomous monitoring.
    • SWaP (Size, Weight and Power) optimized and ruggedized to withstand hostile environmental conditions.
    • Versatile enough to be tasked simultaneously for multiple missions and by multiple users.
    • Capable of exceptional RF performance and probability of intercept to support the most demanding applications.

    This was the philosophy behind CRFS’s creation of the RFeye.  Underlying its core receiver technology are a number of key design principles:

    •  Fast, low noise, ruggedized and a reusable form-factor across many platforms.
    • PCIe-centric design with PCIe switching fabric for peer-to-peer data exchange and a flexible physical layer between receiver and processing and/or storage systems.
    • Scalable design for extended frequency ranges or wider band widths/multiple channels.
    • Scalable and configurable software systems to support wide range of current and future applications.

    RFeye is a fully configurable and modular system consisting of best-in-class open architecture COTS Receivers (Nodes), Direction Finders (Arrays) and RF Recorders covering different frequency ranges and available in various housings and configurations.  This hardware is operated using powerful proprietary RFeye software for the real-time detection, analysis and geolocation of RF signals of interest, the creation of databases and detailed forensics of massive data sets.

    CRFS’s RFeye system solutions can be deployed in various form factors depending on the end-user mission requirements and Concept of Operations (“CONOPS”).  CRFS Systems & Enclosures are available in fixed (outdoor or indoor), ground vehicle, shipborne and man-portable configurations.

    CRFS strives to be a technical leader in its industry and continues to drive innovation across its products and solutions. This includes:

    • Pioneering the use of 'hybrid' geolocation mapping techniques using Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA), Angle of Arrival (AOA) and Power on Arrival (POA).
    • Leading the way in use of distributed detectors and 3D TDOA for passive tracking of aircraft and drones.
    • Being the first to develop automated systems for spectrum management that drive labor savings and are designed for non RF-experts (given the shortage of RF experts).
    • Utilizing Machine Learning (ML) for automated signal classification.

    Complementing CRFS’s innovation and technical leadership is a reputation for customer responsiveness.  Compared with some, CRFS is exceptionally agile and flexible in responding to customer needs and engages with feature requests and new application challenges in a way that is unique in the industry.  The flexibility of the Company’s software allows new software plug-in layers to be easily added in support of new applications.  Over its lifetime, CRFS has built a high level of application expertise and recruited subject matter experts that enable the CRFS team to be regarded as trusted experts by its customers.

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    Product Information

    The RFeye Node is the benchmark for high performance, real-time 24/7 monitoring of the radio spectrum. RFeye Nodes are extremely sensitive superheterodyne radio receivers. They form the backbone of all CRFS hardware, from the RFeye Arrays to the SenS Portable. A choice of Nodes to suit every application with a frequency range of 9 kHz to 8, 18 or 40 GHz and IBW from 40 to 100MHz. Designed to maximise POI though IBW & sweep speed, RFeye node combines Low SWaP, high performance in a rugged design.
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