D-TA Systems Inc.

2500 Lancaster Road, Ottawa, ON K1B 4S5 Canada

About Us

Founded in 2007, D-TA designs, develops and manufactures sensor solutions for demanding EW/EMSO applications. D-TA's products are open-architecture and user customizable for rapid deployment. They offer complete solutions for a diverse range of applications, including, Signal Intelligence, Radar, EW Emulation, Sonar & Sonobuoy processing.

All products leverage a base platform for sensor signal recoding & playback.

The base platform includes D-TA developed smart sensor interface and commercially available multi-core RAID server for processing. One or more 10 Gigabit (currently 80 Gigabit) optical Ethernet network(s) sustain(s) high speed data transfer between the sensor interface and the server. Realtime multi-core software is used to address different application verticals. The simplicity of this architecture cuts deployment risk, time and cost by an order of magnitude.

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