ATDI- Advanced Topographic Devel. Imagess

8 Rue De L'Arcade, Paris, 75008 France

About Us

ATDI is a leading radiocommunications supplier providing spectrum engineering and spectrum management solutions to the defense and security markets. Its foundations are built on their innovative software, HTZ Warfare. This comprehensive RF engineering software can be used to simulate all radio communication technologies in the MF/HF/VHF/UHF/SHF/EHF frequency bands. It contains Electronic Warfare and tactical communications functions which provide accurate modelling of the battlespace for advanced tactical mission planning (DF, jamming, radars and UAV/UAS and more) and electromagnetic field analysis (ELINT and COMINT). 

The software supports different operator modes, providing a simpler interface for less technical users for automating command-control mission planning and considering dynamic mission scenarios such as on-the-move surveillance and tactical mission deployment. 

ATDI also offers compatible services including supply of APIs, web-service platforms and spectrum engineering consulting services.