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    About Us

    DragoonITCN is a small business offering products and services to DoD and FMS cases involving aerospace programs. Headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, DragoonITCN was formed in 2013 when Dragoon Technologies, Inc acquired ITCN, Inc.

    Dragoon Technologies, Inc was incorporated in 1992 as a service-based engineering company providing advanced systems integration and installation for airborne intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance platforms. Specializations include:

    • a.       Engineering analyses
    • b.       Operator and maintenance training
    • c.       Software development for manned airborne sensors

    Since 1991, ITCN, Inc has been a pioneer in designing synchronized test instrumentation for embedded computer systems used in avionics and military/aerospace applications. ITCN also provides products and engineering services for embedded computer systems.

    Our products and services save time and money for DoD and private industry by developing novel, advanced systems applications and test tools tailored for a wide range of specific requirements.

    DragoonITCN is committed to providing useful and cost effective test equipment and tools for the design, integration and maintenance of complex embedded systems and general engineering services to support customer applications.


    DragoonITCN will provide services and products according to established written procedures complying with ISO 9001:2015 requirements; as well as government, regulatory, and Registration Body authorities where applicable; and/or to specific customer contract requirements.


    The scope of our Quality Management System is the management, design, and manufacture of specialized and innovative testing products and components targeted to the embedded system developer or end-user. These products range from complete stand-alone systems to individual plug-in cards for backplanes. In addition to our products for embedded system monitoring, DragoonITCN provides a wide variety of engineering services to help support the product development efforts of our customers using VME, Z8001, Z8002, MIL-STD-1553, MIL-STD-1750, AYK-14, H009, and custom processors and buses.

    BBB Accredited: A+ Rating
    100% FAR Compliant
    ISO Certified

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