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    This SOSA eBook holds a compilation of technical articles regarding SOSA. SOSA is chartered with creating a common framework for transitioning sensor systems to an open systems architecture, based on key interfaces and best practices established by industry-government consensus. The benefits of this architecture include improved interoperability, as well as reduced development time, deployment and costs. Download Today …Read More

    New SBC Updates Processing and Communications Technology, Saves Cost and Power for VXS-Based Systems

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      Abaco Systems announces the DSP221 emphasizing their commitment toward supporting customers with long term solutions. The DSP221 is an extension of the legacy DSP220, by refreshing to the latest NXP T2081 quad core processor. This launch lowers costs of ownership for our clients while simultaneously reducing integration work and extending the life of current projects. The DSP221 delivers a valuable solution toward achieving production lifetime.   The DSP221 is the newest NXP QorIQTM based product to join Abaco’s rugged …Read More

    White Paper

    Threats in the electromagnetic spectrum today can come from virtually anywhere. Modern electronic warfare is fast paced, sophisticated, and dynamic. To get a true picture of this environment, you need flexible, scalable solutions. Find out how the electronic warfare landscape is changing and what you can do to stay ahead by downloading our white paper, “Electronic Warfare: Vying for Control of the Electromagnetic Spectrum.” Download white paper …Read More